Guardians of Cloudia 1st Year Anniversary


How quickly time passes! It appears to me that we just launched the first server yesterday. Till now, a total of 5,228,553 Skywalkers have joined us, and they are scattered across servers to jointly protect our Cloudia.


Along the way, there are always some remarkable moments! What is your most memorable moment during this journey?


And on this special day, we have also prepared some special moments of Cloudia with you.

Last September, we had an island to build our own Homestead, and it was also the first time we met our new friend, Son of Devil.


Last October, Adora agreed to let us Change Classes to master new talents, and Capital Maze welcomed our courageous Skywalkers to take on the challenge.

Also, our first Music Festival – Voice of Cloudia started this month. It was until that time that we realized we had so many secret singers!


Last November, a new combat form was discovered in Cloudia, “Aegis has been activated. Ready for battle!”


Then we stepped into the year 2022.


In January, some travelers from the mythic ancient East arrive to assist us in guarding the Cloudia, and the sixth guardian, Combatant, appeared. The Hall of Elders staged a large-scale competition across all servers this month to choose the strongest few Skywalkers to face the Abyss. Therefore, the Gods Clash had just begun.


Then, in April, a new creature from the boundless universe, the Elemental Sprite, arrived in Cloudia, bringing with them an unknown realm: the Elemental Realm!


Time flies to May, and with the landing of the Gunners, the First Anniversary of Cloudia arrived!


Thank you for always being there for us, Happy 1st Anniversary!