Embark on epic Journey with new Mount&Pet!


▪ Aerowyvern | Void Mount ▪

Aerowyvern, suffering from the invasion of dark forces, flew to Astrapolis to ask the help of light forces. Aerowyvern was reborn under the transformation of storm particles, but it was unable to control its own power. Elmera the Star Guardian accepted it without hesitation, and with the aid of Star Magic, helped it perfect its mechanized transformation so that it could better control the impact of storm particles on its body. When the Obsidian army invaded, they chose to stay and fight alongside the Astral Alliance.

▪ Everflame | Pet ▪

After being hit by a superstorm, Yggdrasill-born Everflame was completely transformed. To conceal the alien metal body, Everflame adopted Yggdrasill's fibers as a cloak covering the entire body. However, the fiery furnaces covered by the mech are revealed which can store massive thermal after being transformed by superstorm. If released instantly, the thermal energy can melt everything in sight.

As super mods fell on Airth, the entire land was swept up in a storm unleashed by the mods, and the Everflame was thusly evolved. The mere mention of her now strikes fear into its enemies.

[Pet Skill]

· Everflame: Ultimate skill. Deals damage: 300%Normal DMG, 300%+1000 Skill DMG. Increases the Oathsworn's DMG Bonus by 15% and DMG Reduction by 15% for 12 sec.

· Spirit: When deployed, increase character Crit by 20% and DMG Bonus by 25% for 12 sec. Lower all enemy Defense by 25% for 8 sec when dealing battle cry damage.