Introducing Void Mount Soul Dual Link and Breakthrough


We're excited to unveil a brand-new feature for our avid players - the Void Mount Soul Dual Link and Breakthrough system! This powerful addition will significantly enhance your gaming experience.

Becoming Eligible for Dual Link: Upon reaching Level 120, players unlock the Void Mount Soul Dual Link function.

Activating Dual Link: To enable this feature, you'll need to spend one Rank 10 Supreme Mount Soul and 400 Soul Spheres. Once activated, the Dual Link function not only increases the basic and rank-up stats of your Void Mount but also adds an independent Rank bonus when linking two identical Void Mount Souls. As a result, your mount becomes even more powerful and formidable in battles.

Unlocking Void Breakthrough: After activating the first dual-linked slot, you'll gain access to the Void breakthrough function. This innovative feature allows you to increase the equippable amount of your corresponding Void Mount and activate unique Breakthrough Skills. The level of these skills is determined by the number of riding souls you've broken through.

*Important Note: Remember, you can only break through with one Void Mount Soul of the same name.

With the Dual Link and Breakthrough system, not only will you boost your Void Mount's power and abilities, but you'll also enjoy an incredible appearance effect that makes your mount stand out from the crowd. Embrace this new feature and dominate the battlefield with unmatched prowess!