SP Hero First Release! [Fenrir the Stygian Teeth]


Dear Summoner,

Silvermoon is serene as the newly reborn Wolf emerges from the depths of the night. Plots lurk within the mist, while the prey beneath the moon's shadow, awaiting the moment to strike back at the hunter. SP Hero, Fenrir the Stygian Teeth is officially released on June 4th.

SP Heroes cannot be upgraded but can synchronize their stars and levels with the same-named original hero.


【Stygian Shadow】Fenrir the Stygian Teeth summons the Stygian Wolf: This skill must be released first and ignores control effects, dispelling all debuffs, affecting [Stygian Rage] to itself for 2 turns, and affecting [Stygian Souls] to the 2 allies with the highest remaining HP other than yourself for 3 turns.

【Blade Teeth】Fenrir the Stygian Teeth receives 1 stack of [Shadow Teeth] when being attacked. When units with [Stygian Souls] attack, counterattack or chase, Fenrir the Stygian Teeth receives 1 stack of [Shadow Teeth], up to 5 times per turn.

【Stygian Fog】Fenrir the Stygian Teeth activates Stygian Fog, temporary increases 30% Hit Rate, dealing 214% PDMG of each slash to front enemies with 2 slashes. Unleashes 1 extra slash for every 5 stacks of [Shadow Teeth], up to 2 extra slashes can be cast, ATK factor +30%, target +1 line (each damage is shared by all targets and a single target receive damage up to 214%). [Shadow Teeth] disappears after the move.

【Papermoon Wolf】Wolf God bathed in moonlight, ATK +20%, HP +10%, Crit. Rate +5%. Has 25% chance to counterattack with a normal attack every time being attacked.