Kingdom Open Now! "Kemono Friends: Kingdom" Officially Announced



ANIMAL GIRLS, BEFRIEND TODAY! The official KFP licensed Catapult-style card adventure mobile game, [Kemono Friends: Kingdom], is now online!


Welcome to a super-gigantic integrated theme park known as the "Kingdom". With its vast map, abundant climates and biomes, and ancient facilities and buildings covered with plants teeming with life. Let's meet new friends, tour endless beautiful views, and unravel the secrets hidden beneath the ruins of past glory. See you in the Kingdom!


This game is adapted from "Kemono Friends", a dark horse Japanese anime that has once set off a craze for following series. It tells the post-apocalyptic story of a human child who, through interactions with animal "FRIENDS", explores their identity and grows continually. Fans who have seen the anime will undoubtedly be moved by its heartening friendship stories and emotional bonds.


The launch of this brand-new mobile game meticulously presents to everyone the adventurous story of the Kingdom. In character portrayal, the game has not only invited renowned artists for exquisite refinement but also referenced real-life animal behaviors and habits. From grasslands to rainforests, from tundra to deserts, original art backgrounds have been created for each animal friend to showcase richer natural and ecological characteristics.

In terms of gameplay, the game retains classic elements such as Sand Star and Paper Airplanes. Each animal friend will utilize their skills according to their attributes - treatment, stopping, attacking, assisting, protecting, etc., to combat Cerulean monsters.


As for the map scene design, it follows the direction of the game plot. Animal friends under different terrains will engage in strategic confrontations with different types of Ceruleans.

If you are a fan of the original "Kemono Friends," this game is undoubtedly your best choice for 2023! If you're hearing about the Kemono Friends series IP for the first time, the beautiful tachie, storyline, battle levels, and adorable characters here will surely keep you hooked!


Let's participate in the construction of the "Kingdom" together and start this adventure chapter with our animal girls!


Click on the official website to learn more: https://kfk.neocraftstudio.com/

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