Step into the Future: Cyber Rebellion Ushers in a New Era of Cyberpunk Gaming


Cyber Rebellion Pre-Registration Now Open!

We set to launch our latest creation, Cyber Rebellion, this month. This turn-based card game, with its breathtaking visual effects and top-notch combat quality, offers players the chance to step into the role of a commander, delve deep into the heart of Skyline City, resolve multi-faction disputes, recruit combatants, and defend humanity's last refuge.


What sets Cyber Rebellion apart from other games in its genre is not merely its unique Cyberpunk setting, but also its innovative hero evolution line, which game editors have praised as unique among hero collection games. In the game, players will encounter different forces: the Vanguard Force represents justice, the Dawnbreak Force is both righteous and evil, and the Apocalypse Force is the undeniable villain within Skyline City. Most game characters can evolve from a basic role, like the SS-grade hero Saki·Byakko from the Vanguard Force, who evolves from the basic B-grade combatant, Saki.


Pre-registration for the game is now live! Reward items for early registrants have attracted significant attention. If successful in reaching 2 million pre-registrations, all players will receive in-game item rewards: 10 Tesseracts, 1 Lindsay Keepsake, 1 Assault Skill Code, and 60 Neurons. Special rewards including 200 Compcores and 3 Tesseracts will be provided for players who pre-register through email or text!


Cyber Rebellion is reported to officially go live on November 10. Gamers, stay tuned!

To pre-register, visit: https://cr.neocraftstudio.com/.

For the latest updates, follow the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CyberRebellionOfficial/.