Trick or Treat: Let's Recap the Halloween Celebrations!


The Halloween festivities have officially wrapped up, and we hope everyone had a spooktacular time. Let's take a moment to reminisce!

Chronicle of Infinity: Inferno Party Trend

Dive into the Halloween event and daily check-ins to collect Halloween Candy. Oathsworns could exchange them for the themed costume - Inferno Party! Moreover, engage in Divine Clash, gather points to trade for the coveted Arcane Crystals. And don’t miss the chance to discover Halloween Bubble Frames while exploring Astrapolis.

Last Ultima: Halloween Special Costume Roulette

Prophets, did you join the exclusive Halloween roulette? Earn points and swap them for valuable items in the Halloween Special, including the sought-after [Zombie Apocalypse] outfit, the mysterious magic pet [Soul Reaper], the relic [Eon Wisdom Crown], and the legendary artifact [Bonedrake Nightmare]!

League of Pantheons: Welcome Our New Mage, Mimir!

Celebrate Halloween with a seven-day continuous login to receive the brand-new mage character Mimir! Try your luck with the Sprite Gachapon Machine for a chance to win the unique [Witch Spirit]. Plus, we've introduced limited-edition Halloween Pumpkins, complete daily tasks to collect Halloween Loots and 5-star hero fragments.

Tales Noir: Bathed in Halloween Candy Rain, Encounter the Pumpkin Knight!

Spin the Halloween Lucky Wheel, stack up on candies and lottery tickets, and exchange them for those heart-throbbing items! Festive envoys have appeared on the Oz continent. Will you ask them for candy, or defeat them? It's your choice! Prepare to battle in the Pumpkin Knight's dungeon, conquer the challenge, and you might win Halloween Lucky Draw tickets and an exclusive mount.

Immortal Awakening: Halloween Mega Roulette

Spin the wheel for a chance to win exclusive Halloween items! The limited-time Halloween Mega Roulette features rare set [The Joker], mount [Abyssal Leviathan], and wings [Photon Wings].

Tales of Wind: Laplace Celebration

Laplace is revamped with Halloween-themed decorations. Players followed the legend and unlocked the secret path to the Mummy legend, collecting scattered items to craft the precious Mummy Treasure. The brand-new 3v3 match mode "Bumpers' Duel" also kicked off with zeal, as players compete on the leaderboard for avatar and headgear rewards. Furthermore, daily logins bring rare rewards for players to claim.

Guardians of Cloudia: Unveiling the Halloween Treasures

As dusk falls, the essence of Halloween subtly spreads, revealing astonishing rewards in the Halloween packs. Accumulate event points to exchange for the new two-person mount Phantomette; delve into the match-three minigame to win more gifts! The Rebate Wheel is ready with boxes of surprises, and participating gives you a chance to win a multitude of items and super rewards - Diamond of Time!

Kemono Friends: Kingdom: Halloween Special Surprises

The Kingdom has prepared Halloween Surprise Packs for everyone! Redeem your exclusive gift with the gift code. From the Halloween check-in event, you can also receive 10 free encounter tickets~ Which friend do you think loves Halloween the most?

Though the Halloween events have come to a close, it's just the beginning of another story. Please continue to follow our social platforms and official website, so you don't miss out on the upcoming adventures and updates!