Cyber Rebellion is officially launched! Embark on your cyber doomsday journey now!


Are you ready to join the intense battle? The long-awaited Cyberpunk-themed hero collection game, [Cyber Rebellion] is now officially released! From today onwards, you are the commander of Skyfall City, leading the warriors against the invasion of the destroyer [APOCALYPSE].


Welcome to the Cyber Era of 2177. In this world gradually being eroded by the α virus, Skyfall City has become mankind's last refuge. Extensive battlefields and endless challenges await you to confront. Together, let's protect this city and uncover the secrets hidden beneath the ruins of the apocalypse. Heaven falls, rebellion rises!


A variety of combat modes, such as rebuilding areas, defending the homeland, raiding supplies, will provide you with an immersive cyber combat experience. Hundreds of future sci-fi cyber-style weapons and unique hero skills will bring you unprecedented battle performances.


The game provides an original character upgrade system, allowing inspectors to customize the transformation strategy for each warrior: Advancement, Prosthetic Transplant, Spiritual Reform, and Skill Improvement. Each character responds according to their own characteristics, performing defensive, offensive, or supporting actions. Under the dual test of strategy and strength, who can become the ruler of this cyber world?


Moreover, there are plenty of community events for players, compete and cooperate with inspectors worldwide, and daily login rewards waiting for you to claim, making your adventure easier!


As the commander of Skyfall City, are you ready?


Let's together step into [Cyber Rebellion] fight alongside warriors from all around the world, and jointly create a splendid future!



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