New Era: Cyber Rebellion Second Playthrough


Welcoming the glowing embers in the cold, Cyber Rebellion unfolds a chapter of guardian legends and festive celebrations this winter. The addition of mysterious new warriors alongside the successive unveiling of Christmas and New Year activities marks this month as a milestone in the game's journey. As we step into the new year against the backdrop of snowflakes and fireworks, let us revisit those shining moments that have defined our past and will enlighten our future.


New Epoch: Second Playthrough Unlocked

Destiny Reset

Take command and connect to another lifetime as the world resets and the second playthrough is unlocked. Players can access this new chapter on the World Map after triumphing over Chapter 13 of Covert Ops and reaching 22 days of server uptime.


A Decade of Discovery

An exclusive 10-day launch event for the second playthrough has commenced! Revel in new stories and dungeons, amass rewards, including tesseracts and print coins, and partake in the carnival of bounties.



New Combatant: Vera & Lars

Destroyer: Vera

A mysterious bionic mechanical expert. No one has ever seen her appearance, and they don't know her real name. They just secretly called her "Whale Hand".


Tank: Lars

The mental data born from the beginning of the world, representing "anger & principle", only act to rebuild the norms and order of the world. When corruption and decadence infect the world, it will turn into a beast that destroys all things, trampling the civilization built by humans on the earth.


Festive Frontiers: Winter Celebrations

Light Up the Christmas Tree

Commanders gather around the digital Christmas tree, lighting up the generous glow of the season by completing tasks. As the tree's radiance grows, so do the awaiting rewards.


Search Santa

Even Santa finds a place to hide in the futuristic landscape of Skyline City. Commanders scout and skirmish to uncover this enigmatic holiday visitor and claim his gifts.


Countdown to Unity: Celebrating the New Year Together

As midnight chimes usher in 2024, we embark on a collective effort to gather New Year Medals, allowing players to exchange them for rare treasures.


We extend our deepest thanks to all commanders for standing with us throughout the journey of Cyber Rebellion. Let us join hands and move forward, embracing every tomorrow promised by 2024. May every step into the future be filled with hopeful radiance, just like the stars we've lit up together.