Power Awakening: Void Mount and Pet Aid You in Conquering New Challenges


Void Mount - Celeriter Scorpion

A veiled chapter of history is revived—Celeriter Scorpion, once a loyal servant of Osiris, forged its legend by safeguarding the people of Origin at the periphery of the gods' final battleground.

Today, after the masterful repair by the craftsmen of planet Airth, this void mount returns, carrying the sheen of starlight on its silver form, moving through enemies like lightning, heralding the forthcoming gleam of victory.

Ember Wings, Guardian's Blaze - Pyrodrake

The all-new pet, Pyrodrake, makes a formidable entrance onto the fantastical battlefield of Chronicle of Infinity! Like a fire dragon emerging from the clouds, Pyrodrake brings with it a rebirth in flames, kindling the hopes of battle.

As it unfurls its wings, casting starry sparks down upon the land, it becomes the brightest spectacle amidst the conflict. Warriors, prepare to be met by the stare of the war deity from the cosmos!

Dragon Rune Awakening - Dragon Gear

Challengers, are you ready to embrace the new chapter of Dragon Gear? Team up to overcome the Dragon Edict Tower, claim the mythical Dragon Gear, awaken your dragon realm power, and tactically dominate your foes.

Dragon Gear is not just a proof of your might but also an emblem of strategic insight, and only a real master of tactics can harness its power.

Are you ready to join forces with Pyrodrake and Celeriter Scorpion, and uncover the secrets that lie deep within the Dragon Edict Tower?

Warriors, log into the game now and embark on an unparalleled adventure!