Dawn Breaks, Pre-registration Unveiled | "Order Daybreak" Set for a Summer Release!


Slash The Day Break! NEOCRAFT's ARPG mobile game "Order Daybreak " is set to officially launch this summer! Pre-registration is now open—join us at the first light of dawn to claim your bountiful rewards for the adventure ahead!

Early Birds Reap Rewards, Lavish Gifts Galore

Exclusive pre-registration gifts await you, including the powerful SR Partner -Yuzu, SR Partner Shard, Gear Enhance Stone, Energy Crystal, Accessory Enhance Stone, Gold, and Astra, along with the pre-registration exclusive Title - Drwnbringer. These treasures are ready to give you a strong head start in this post-apocalyptic new world.

Choose Your Class, Triumph at Twilight

Embark on your journey by selecting from our diverse array of classes - Swiftblade, Slayer, Gunslinger, or Cleric. Each class offers a unique combat style, allowing you to customize your approach to battle.

Step into Humanity's Last Bastion, Showcase Your Power at Dawn

Order Daybreak employs a dynamic 2.5D perspective, unveiling a gameplay experience rich in strategy and skill. Players are invited to partake in this symphony of combat, where every tactical decision and skill execution showcases courage against chaos.

Game Features Spotlight

  • Allies in the Apocalypse: Form alliances with characters of various backgrounds and develop their abilities.
  • Strategic Combat: Train your reflexes and engage in our real-time combat system that demands tactical wisdom and skillful execution.
  • Stylish Survival: Equip your character with gear that's both exquisite and robust, and ride mounts designed for a world reborn from ruins, entering the battlefield with elegance.
  • Global Alliances: Experience the dynamics of alliance and competition through cross-server play. Unite with players around the globe in a gaming world where cooperation and competition intertwine.

As the first ray of dawn cuts through the night sky, a new era's order calls out. Join our adventure and let the light guide your path.

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