Conquer the Oceans, Roam the World | Rule the Primal World with the New Pet [Titanfin]!


Hark! The call of distant waves heralds a trumpeting announcement!

NEOCRAFT is delighted to announce that Primon Legion, our popular tribal-themed strategy card mobile game, welcomes a formidable new companion, Titanfin. This dominant Water Mage pet makes an official appearance in May's activities with players:)

Pet Introduction

· Element: Water

· Role: Mage

· Habitat: Otherworld

· Key Traits: Capable of inflicting severe poison damage to all enemy pets, ignoring any shields and defensive skills.

· Lifestyle: A lazy pet who loves to doze off outside of feeding times. When hunger strikes, he will devour every creature in sight.

May Event Details

[Titanfin - May's World Roaming]

Throughout the entire month of May, players can partake in the exclusive event for Titanfin. By completing specific missions and explorations, players have the chance to journey alongside Titanfin and unlock the secret stories behind it.

Event Duration

April 28th to May 31st

Adventurers, it's time to embark on your journey! With your new companion Titanfin, stir up the mystical seas in Primon Legion. We look forward to seeing how you harness Titanfin's mighty abilities to achieve new victories in the game.

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