Tales of Wind X Fairy Tail! Big IP Collaboration!


Breaking News! One of the most trending MMORPG Tales of Wind from NEOCRAFT is now collaborating with Kodansha’s famous Animation Series Fairy Tail! Imagine meeting Natsu, Lucy, Erza and other Fairy Tail members on the Laplace Land, don’t you feel excited! The collaboration starts from July 29th 2020 and will last 13 weeks till the end of October.


In a magical accident, the Laplace Mages create a time rift, which connects the Laplace Land and the Fairy Tail World. Natsu and other Fairy Tail guild members were also teleported to the Laplace Land. They need you players’ help to return to the original world!


During the Collaboration, you may have the chance to collect Natsu/Erza costumes and transformation cards, Happy Guardian, Igneel Mount etc. Additionally, there will also be special events and game modes for players to challenge!


The Fairy Tail magicians are awaiting your help! Come to Tales of Wind and fight together with them!