League of Pantheons Now Available. Summon the Gods from All Myths!


League of Pantheons, NEOCRAFT’s new Idle RPG game, has now been officially launched for Android and iOS users globally. Like its name suggests, League of Pantheons includes gods, characters, and content from multiple mythologies in an anime-styled adventure.


If you’re not familiar with NEOCRAFT, they are the publisher of popular titles including Tales of Wind and Guardians of Cloudia.


League of Pantheons allows players to create their own squad of heroes to prevent evil forces from taking over the world. The game gathers immortal and all-powerful beings from different pantheons like Greek, Norse, Japanese, Egyptian, and more, setting them up for a massive battle. Expect to see high octane fights as supreme beings like the God of the Sky and Olympus – Zeus, the Aesir and ruler of Asgard – Odin, the Trickster and Monkey god Wukong, and the Japanese god of Sea and Storms, all fight each other.


Download League of Pantheons now to receive a hundred free summons, unlimited rerolls, and tons of diamonds!


Game Features

Chill out with Auto-grinding


One tap to get XP, Gold, and Epic Loots, works when you’re idle or offline


Completely Destressing game, with no meaningless grinding


DIY a Unique Hero Squad


5 Elements + 4 major Positions = Infinite Combination Strategies


Customize each Hero with unique Gears, Runes, and Artifacts


Summon all the Ancient Legends


100+ Legendary Heroes from 8 major Mythologies


Free 200 draws in the first 7 days help you summon ideal Heroes.


Devise Strategies in various Gameplay


Combos, Hero synergies, Metas, Countermetas


Use Simple yet Deep Strategies in ever-changing battles.


Triumph in countless PVP/PVE Modes


Single-player, Multiplayer, Cross-server, Endless…All included


Champion titles, 5★ Heroes, Skins – Epic Rewards await


The League of Pantheons team has already prepared game strategies and guides, which you can check out. It will be free-to-play with in-app purchase.