• How to cancel subscription?

    A. iOS players please open iTunes store, click on your account details (Top right avatar) - "manage subscription". There you will find all the subscriptions and cancel those you don't want to be further charged. B. Google Play users please check: Setting - Google Account - Payment and Subscription - manage Subscriptions.

  • I used Facebook/Google/Twitter.. to log in, can I also bind to email/offical?

    Yes. However, in order to help us verify the ownership, please file a new ticket and choose Account/Link account to continue.

  • What to do when beta testers can't download official-release version?

    To prevent problems when downloading the official version, please leave the Testing Program if you took part in previous Closed Beta Tests using Google Early Access. To leave, follow these steps: Copy and paste this link into your browser: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.emagroups.b3 Log in to your Google account and click "LEAVE THE PROGRAM" at the bottom right. Note that it may take a few hours before you can download the public version of the game.

  • Where can I bind my account to official?

    You can only bind your account to offical when you logged in as guest account. Click on settings and you will see the BIND icon.

  • Where can I get Codes?

    All available codes will be posted on our official Facebook or Discord channel, please follow the page or join our Discord to get available codes.

  • Where can I recharge if in-game recharge doesn't work for me?

    Please contact Customer Support to find another way to recharge, with extra recharge bonus available!

  • Why I don't receive what I have purchased in the game?

    Please wait for a few minutes since there may be delay due to internet connection. However, if you still don't receive your items in half an hour, please file a new ticket and ask for assistance.

  • Why would I receive a warning mail?

    It should be that you have violated the terms of service by either insulting other players or abusing the system. Your effort on helping build a better gaming environment will be highly appreciated. For more details please file a ticket.