• How to cancel subscription?

    A. iOS players please open iTunes store, click on your account details (Top right avatar) - "manage subscription". There you will find all the subscriptions and cancel those you don't want to be further charged. B. Google Play users please check: Setting - Google Account - Payment and Subscription - manage Subscriptions.

  • I used Facebook/Google/Twitter.. to log in, can I also bind to email/offical?

    Please bind the account to NEOCRAFT directly from User Center.

  • Where can I bind my account to official?

    You can only bind your account to offical when you logged in as guest account. Click on settings and you will see the BIND icon.

  • Where can I get Codes?

    All available codes will be posted on our official Facebook or Discord channel, please follow the page or join our Discord to get available codes.

  • Where can I recharge if in-game recharge doesn't work for me?

    Please contact Customer Support to find another way to recharge, with extra recharge bonus available!

  • Why I don't receive what I have purchased in the game?

    Please wait for a few minutes since there may be delay due to internet connection. However, if you still don't receive your items in half an hour, please file a new ticket and ask for assistance.

  • Why would I receive a warning mail?

    It should be that you have violated the terms of service by either insulting other players or abusing the system. Your effort on helping build a better gaming environment will be highly appreciated. For more details please file a ticket.