The special guest!

2018-03-14 10:49:51

In the name of Light, Hi, Warriors, Guess who is the special guest we invited today?

Little Kaishi, one of our Advertising Models and the most special one, but it seems like he is having some troubles when playing WoL :P

In the council of Rumriel city, he is a Strong Mage with cool suits and named 'kAiShi', hope you guys could find him when you are playing the game.

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NEOCRAFT is a listed dark horse gaming company with market value over 1.5 billion RMB. Being headquartered in Shanghai China, we gather the greatest team to make fun games with heart. Headed by the founder of Blizzard China, NEOCRAFT builds its elite team with members from Apple, UbiSoft, NetEase, Tencent and other well-known companies such as McKinsey and Coca-Cola. We specialize in strongly interactive, long life-cycle MMOs and multiplayer competitive games. Our new product Ever Adventure has been selected by Tencent Aurora Project and will be launched in the near future.