Guardians of Cloudia is incoming now!

2021-04-16 16:34:35

If you see this message, then you are the skywalker we are looking for!
Welcome to  Guardians of Cloudia! Here, we are trying to make a great game world with you together.

Check out the answers to some of the most asked questions!
Q1: What is the current state of your game?
A1: We are currently in the Data Saved Test in Canada, Mexico, Argentina. BUT! We promise that the Global Launch is just near the corner! 
Following us on Facebook/Discord to get the latest information!

Q2: What languages does your game contain?
A2: As a globally released game, we support English, Chinese,  Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian.

Q3: What is special in your game, introduce it first?
A3: Here, we provide a world for you to become whoever you want!
-Master of all classes and all builds
-Tycoon Pet Collector and Trainer
-Pioneer Explorer of an Unknown World
-Absolute Dominator of the Battlefield
-Beloved Heart Hunter chosen by Cupid
-Leading Fashion Icon with your own Style
Just come and explore yourself!

Q4: As a pre-registered player, what benefits can I get?
A4: What else do you expect when you have a chance to experience the most exciting adventure ever? 
Well, actually YES! Enter the official website
to pre-register, you will get great in-game rewards, and also the chance to get iPhone/Beats handphone and other rewards! 
The Guardians of Cloudia Team

About Us:

NEOCRAFT is a listed dark horse gaming company with market value over 1.5 billion RMB. Being headquartered in Shanghai China, we gather the greatest team to make fun games with heart. Headed by the founder of Blizzard China, NEOCRAFT builds its elite team with members from Apple, UbiSoft, NetEase, Tencent and other well-known companies such as McKinsey and Coca-Cola. We specialize in strongly interactive, long life-cycle MMOs and multiplayer competitive games.